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Surrogate Visits

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For patients under 18 and those needing a little extra help navigating the platform, DermatologistOnCall offers the surrogate function.

Surrogates help patients by navigating an online dermatology visit on their behalf. 

Every DermatologistOnCall visit should be completed using the patient's account. Please confirm you are creating or logging into the patient's account before starting a visit. Each account generates a medical record and prescribing ID unique to the patient. This ID is used to securely communicate patient information to healthcare providers and pharmacies.

After creating or logging into an account, the DOC portal will ask:

Screenshot of the DermatologistOnCall platform prompting the user to indicate if they are acting on behalf of the patient.

The surrogate should select “yes." This will begin the attestation process. The system will prompt the surrogate to confirm their relationship to the patient and enter their name, contact information, and birthday. The system will then conduct a VeriCheck to verify the surrogate’s identity. Information captured in the VeriCheck process is not collected by DermatologistOnCall.

Once verified, the surrogate and patient will proceed through the visit as normal. While younger patients need not be involved in the process, older children and adults needing additional help should participate in the online visit and communicate with their online dermatologist whenever possible.

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