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Dermtech Melanoma testing with dermatologistoncall

Concerned about a Mole?

You don't have to wait.

Getting an in-office appointment with a dermatologist can take weeks or months. That’s too long when you’re worried about a new or changing spot. DermatologistOnCall, along with its partners, offers accurate, non-invasive skin cancer screening through our online portal using the DermTech Melanoma Test, reducing the stress and anxiety of an in-office visit or painful biopsy. 


Accurate, affordable answers.

DermTech is changing the way melanoma is found.

Our physicians are experienced board-certified dermatologists trained to identify suspected skin cancers visually. In addition to this robust clinical experience, we use the DermTech Melanoma Test, a precise tool with >99% accuracy. DermTech SmartStickers painlessly lift cells from the entire surface of your spot, allowing for a more complete analysis at the cellular level.


Support every step of the way

Our clinical liaisons work closely with your provider to support you from the moment a test is recommended until your results are received and the next steps, if any, are determined. Their excellent webside manner and expertise ensure you’re in caring hands throughout the process.

Need a spot check?

Find a dermatologist offering the DermTech Melanoma Test

Several DermatologistOnCall providers offer the DermTech Melanoma Test to patients when clinically appropriate. Your online dermatologist must be licensed to practice in the state where you are located at the time of testing.


Have a visit in progress?

Make an informed decision about evaluating your mole.

Still not sure about the DermTech Melanoma Test? That's perfectly normal. This is a serious decision about your health. DermatologistOnCall is here to support you. Connect with our patient support team to get the answers you need.


The DermTech Melanoma Test is an in-home lab test that detects the presence of genomic markers associated with melanoma.


DermTech uses SmartSticker technology to gently and noninvasively lift and preserve skin cells. This enables the lab to analyze the RNA inside your cells for the genomic markers LINC00518 and PRAME associated with melanoma. It does this at a level 10,000 times closer than the traditional care pathway, such as a microscope or visual assessment. The DermTech Melanoma Test has a 99% negative predictive value (NPV), meaning that with a negative test result, there is a 99% probability that the lesion is not melanoma.

Your dermatologist will work closely with your clinical liaison to ensure continuity of care every step of the way.

DermatologistOnCall liaisons train at the DermTech Genomic Laboratory and remain up-to-date on the latest cell collection techniques, offering peace of mind while completing your test at home.  

  1. Once you agree to the DermTech Melanoma Test, your clinical liaison will reach out to you to collect any necessary insurance information to place the order.  
  2. A DermTech Billing Specialist will complete a pre-eligibility check with your insurance provider, call you to discuss your coverage options, and confirm your shipping address. A test kit will arrive at your door in 1-2 days. 
  3. Once your kit arrives, schedule a 30-minute video call with your liaison to perform the sample collection. Your liaison will answer any questions about the process, guide you through a practice test, and observe you performing the cell sample collection, ensuring you have captured enough cells for accurate results. When the test is complete, you will return your kit to the DermTech Genomic Lab for analysis using the prepaid shipping envelope from FedEx.

Within 4-6 days of receipt, your dermatologist will receive and review your results and contact you through our HIPAA-secure messaging portal. You will receive an explanation of your results and any next steps. If appropriate, your dermatologist will refer you for in-office care. Your liaison and physician will be available 30 days after you receive your results to respond to your questions and concerns.

The DermTech Melanoma Test uses a SmartSticker to sample cells from the surface of your suspicious spot or mole.

DermTech Instructions

Paying for the DermTech Melanoma Test

When you seek care in-office, there is a fee for the visit and an additional fee for lab testing. The same applies to telehealth visits. Your co-pay for the DermTech Melanoma test will depend on your personal insurance coverage. Once the test is ordered, a DermTech billing specialist will contact you by phone to review your financial responsibility.   

Coverage depends on your insurance carrier.

The DermTech Melanoma Test is a covered benefit for:
  • Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Tricare, VA
  • Commercial Insurance: DermTech accepts commercial insurance and is in-network with many commercial plans. DermTech will complete an insurance pre-eligibility check and will call you to review your coverage before the test kit is shipped to you. 
  • Uninsured: DermTech Billing Specialists are ready to help patients with insurance coverage questions and financial assistance for those who qualify.  They believe financial hardship should not stand in the way of quality patient care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the DermTech Melanoma test do?

The DermTech Melanoma Test non-invasively detects genomic markers associated with melanoma to differentiate benign lesions from those at higher-risk for melanoma.

The DermTech Melanoma Test has a 99% negative predictive value (NPV), meaning that with a negative test result, there is a 99% probability that the lesion is not melanoma.

How does the DermTech Melanoma Test work?
  • DermTech Smart Stickers® painlessly collect skin cells from a suspicious spot or more for analysis at the DermTech Gene Lab.
  • The Smart Stickers® preserve skin cells for shipment to the DermTech Gene Lab.
  • The test measures the melanoma-associated genomic markers.
How accurate is this test?

DermTech’s smart sticker captures the entire surface of the mole, where melanoma first forms. If the biomarkers LINC00518 and PRAME are not detected (meaning negative results), this indicates a greater than 99% probability that the mole being tested is not melanoma.

How quickly will I receive my DermTech Genomic Melanoma Test results?

Test results are received 4-6 days after the test is completed. With remote testing, you have results and an action plan in less than half the time it would take through traditional in-office methods.

For additional information on the DermTech Genomic Melanoma Test, please visit the DermTech Website.

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